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Amy Keillor, CPM, LM

Meet Midwife Amy

I am married to my wonderful husband, Jeremiah, since 1994 and we have welcomed our own 6 children. We have been blessed to live in many different places that the U.S. Army has sent us over the last 23 years. During our travels, I have enjoyed both the teaching and learning aspects of raising children, homeschooling and helping women and their families welcome beautiful blessings into the world. I first fell in love with pregnancy and childbirth as a young child. That spark was rekindled when I coached a friend through her birth and assisted with breastfeeding shortly after I got married. I continued attending births and assisting with breastfeeding until 2006 when I added Childbirth Educator to my job description. As my children continue to grow and begin to spread their wings I am also spreading mine and continuing in my passion for birth work. In January 2016, I started my formal journey to become a midwife and made my dream a reality in May 2018 – certifying and licensing as a midwife.

• • • My Philosophy • • •

I believe that education is the greatest tool to overcoming fear; the body was created to nurture, grow and deliver healthy babies. Every woman has the ability to feel the needs of her body and respond to those needs, and in doing so fall in love with her birth experience. My motto is, “It’s your body, your baby, your birth and your choice!” It is my goal to support you in this precious time.

I was raised in Alabama. Pineapples have long been recognized as symbols of welcoming and warmth, in the south especially. They have to be grown with very specific conditions just like a growing baby. Pineapples were used to adorn the entries, dining rooms and staircases of homes where guest may be staying. It is my desire to help families welcome new babies into their families with that same traditional warmth that is felt when a guest arrives. Pineapples are sweet, but a bit prickly at times and they have a tough core. That description fits me perfectly as I serve mommas and their families. I strive to be sweet and loving while being firm when the situation needs it.